Saturday, January 6, 2018

Football (2017-18) - Wild Card Weekend 2018

Good morning everyone.  This is the time of year when it takes a really freakin long time to do these blog posts.  Oh, Happy New Year!  Ten bets apiece from each of us, as we give you our score predictions for all of this weekend's NFL playoff games, and Monday's CFB Championship Game.  Joey went 4-3 last week, and will lead things off for us...

Joey's Parlay Card (Last Week 4-3/Overall 25-31-2)

Okay.  Last year all home favorites covered in the first round, but most lines were very short or an outright pick 'em.  This year it's a touchdown or better for the first round, so I like all dogs...  A money line parlay of all home favorites would be a good bet also.

As for the National Champinship Game, I'm again going with the Dawg.

Chiefs 17  Titans 14 - Titans (+9)/Under 44.5
Rams 24  Falcons 21 - Falcons (+5.5)/Under 48
Jaguars 31  Bills 24 - Bills (+9)/Over 39
Saints 28  Panthers 27 - Panthers (+6.5)/Over 47.5
Georgia 27  Alabama 14 - Georgia (+4)/Under 44.5

New Mexico State wins its first bowl game in 57 years, so it's party time in Las Cruces.  Til next week, may all your parlays cash!

As I was compiling scores for this post, I had to do a double-take as Joey and Pete agreed on an exact score, but although they also have all of the same NFL teams advancing, their bets differ substantially.  Pete would like you to ignore his record for last week's bets, and instead refer back to last year's perfect Super Bowl prediction...

Pete's Parlay Card (Last Week 1-6/Overall 15-40-3)

Chiefs 17  Titans 14 - Titans (+9)/Under 44.5
Rams 38  Falcons 31 - Rams (-5.5)/Over 48
Jaguars 27  Bills 17 - Jaguars (-9)/Over 39
Saints 35  Panthers 28 - Saints (-6.5)/Over 47.5
Alabama 31  Georgia 20 - Alabama (-4)/Over 44.5

I went 5-2 on my bets here last week, and am left wondering why I didn't bet more money on them.  I am the only one in our group to pick an underdog to win outright this weekend in the NFL, and my bets are a good mix of Joey's and Pete's picks...

Coach's Parlay Card (Last Week 5-2/Overall 32-24-2)

Chiefs 24  Titans 17 - Titans (+9)/Under 44.5 - The Chiefs are very tough at home, but covering 9 won't be easy...
Falcons 28  Rams 27 - Falcons (+5.5)/Over 48 - As a reward for an incredible season, the Rams get to host the team who had a 28-3 lead in last year's Super Bowl.  I have to go with the experience on the Falcons side...
Jaguars 24  Bills 21 - Bills (+9)/Over 39 - McCoy is still questionable as we go to press, but I expect a close game as two good defenses clash.  However, 39 is just such a low total...
Saints 28  Panthers 24 -  Panthers (+6.5)/Over 47.5 - It's hard to pick against Brees & Company in New Orleans, but I envision another close game here...
Alabama 26  Georgia 17 - Alabama (-4)/Under 44.5 - I'd rather see Georgia win, but like last week, I think that Bama just has too much defense...

And that's all my friends.  As always, our picks are for entertainment purposes only, but enjoy them and have a great football weekend!

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