Saturday, January 13, 2018

Football (2017-18) - Divisional Weekend 2018

Good morning everyone.  Eight teams left.  It's gonna be a much different world on Monday, February 5th when we don't have any football for months and months and months, but let's not dwell on the negative right now.  We have a great weekend of games ahead, and I should be sleeping already, so let's begin.  Joey went 8-2 last week, and when I contacted him yesterday morning about sending his scores during the day, he not only responded immediately, but said that he had his picks ready pretty much since Tuesday.  Overachiever...  : )

Joey's Parlay Card (Last Week 8-2/Overall 33-33-2)

I am sticking with more dogs this week, even though the average margin of victory is two touchdowns...

Eagles 31  Falcons 21 - Eagles (+3)/Over 41.5
Patriots 28  Titans 22 - Titans (+13.5)/Over 47.5
Steelers 28  Jaguars 10 - Steelers (-7)/Under 41
Vikings 27  Saints 24 - Saints (+4.5)/Over 46.5

May all your parlays cash!

Joey and Pete have two different outright winners for you, and many more different bets when you account for the lines and totals...

Pete's Parlay Card (Last Week 4-6/Overall 19-46-3)

Falcons 24  Eagles 16 - Falcons (-3)/Under 41.5
Patriots 27  Titans 18 - Titans (+13.5)/Under 47.5
Steelers 17  Jaguars 14 - Jaguars (+7)/Under 41
Saints 24  Vikings 21 - Saints (+4.5)/Under 46.5

I'll be cheering for Pete this week, because all but one of our bets are the same...

Coach's Parlay Card (Last Week 6-4/Overall 38-28-2)

Falcons 23  Eagles 17 - Falcons (-3)/Under 41.5 - Falcons have the playoff experience and the more experienced quarterback.  Philly weather and cautious play-calling should keep total under...

Patriots 27  Titans 17 - Titans (+13.5)/Under 47.5 - The Pats have not been blowing out many teams this season, and Titans should give them a good dose of Henry to shorten the game.  Freezing temps and a steady breeze should help to keep the total under...

Steelers 24  Jaguars 14 - Steelers (-7)/Under 41 - Jaguars beat Steelers by 21 early this season, but 14 of the 21-point margin of victory were a result of "pick sixes," 2 of 5 INT's that Big Ben threw on the day.  Even with those scores, the final was only 30-9, under this game's total.  Ben probably won't feel so charitable on Sunday, and the Steelers D will probably force Bortles to beat them.  Expect a hard-hitting start to your Sunday morning...

Saints 23  Vikings 20 - Saints (+4.5)/Under 46.5 - I have to give the nod to the more experienced QB again, and Coach Payton has shared in a lot of that success with Mr. Brees.  The Vikings could be playing for home-field THROUGH the Super Bowl by kickoff, and I expect a battle regardless...

And that's all my friends.  As always, remember our picks are for entertainment purposes only.  Have an outstanding football weekend everyone!

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