Saturday, November 11, 2017

Football (2017-18) - Week 11

Good morning everyone.  Just a standard week here last time around as we went a collective 2-5-2.  I'm fairly certain we've never had that record as a group before.  Joey said that his picks are guaranteed or they're free next time, so there's that...  :)  I guess that this is a good time to remind you that our picks are for entertainment purposes only.  It's been a tough season to win so far, but we're not afraid.  Here's Joey to lead things off...

Joey's Parlay Card (Last Week 1-1-1/Overall 11-18-1)

Wake Forest (+1) @ Syracuse
Notre Dame (-3) @ Miami
49ers (+2.5) vs. Giants

We're not gonna take a moment to mention here that Joey's alma mater strolled into San Marcos and beat my alma mater last week.  Not gonna mention it...  :)  Joey and Pete agree on one of their favorite bets of the week, and another highly-respected friend of mine agrees with both of them...

Pete's Parlay Card (Last Week 1-2/Overall 8-20-2)

Michigan State (+17) @ Ohio State
Alabama (-13.5) @ Mississippi State
Notre Dame (-3) @ Miami

I was considering picking the Irish, but if I jump on the bandwagon, the bet is doomed for sure...  No problem, since there were one or two other bets to choose from...

Coach's Parlay Card (Last Week 0-2-1/Overall 14-15-1)

LSU (-17) vs. Arkansas - My alma mater (Texas State) wins by twenty at Coastal Carolina, then Coastal loses by only one at Arkansas, and now the Razorbacks visit Baton Rouge.  Geaux Tigers...
Texas (-33.5) vs. Kansas - I don't normally lay so many points, but the Longhorns LOST in Lawrence last year.  They haven't forgotten...
Cowboys/Falcons (Over 48.5) - This game is indoors and the quarterbacks can throw...

And that's all folks.  Have a great football weekend everyone!

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