Saturday, October 14, 2017

Football (2017-18) - Week 7

Good morning everyone.  It's my birthday weekend and I begged Joey and Pete not to pick any early games so that I could sleep in, so you're getting our favorite bets a little bit later than usual this weekend.  It would be an almost perfect day if they would've moved the Texas/Oklahoma kickoff to primetime so that I wouldn't have to alter my sleep schedule any further, but sometimes life isn't fair.  You need to look no farther than our records so far this season for proof of that...  :)  We bounced back to 4-5 last week collectively, and we're always game for another week.  As always, remember that our picks are for entertainment purposes only.  Due to scheduling, we were spared the possible embarrassment of selecting either Clemson or Washington State last night.  :)  It's going to continue to be a very interesting season boys and girls...

We'll lead things off with my friend Joey today, and I'm going to give him another shout out as he's always there if I need a favor (mainly in the form of rides to replenish my stockpile of food here in the mancave).  Joey also came up with a road white Roethlisberger jersey for my birthday, and I'll be sure to sport that when we're further removed from last week's five interception performance from Ben... :)  Without any further ado, here's my old (seasoned) poker dealing friend from our days at the Riviera...

Joey's Parlay Card (Last Week 1-2/Overall 5-13)

Toledo (-7.5) @ Central Michigan
Navy (-3.5) @ Memphis
Utah (+13) @ USC

It's always interesting to note the weekly trends here.  Since Joey is going with three college teams that are on the road, naturally my brother Pete is taking three NFL teams that are playing at home.  :)  The same goes for my brother as Joey, as Pete and his family were a huge help when I returned to the desert a little more than a year ago.  Pretty big day for Pete today, as he's both a Yankees and Longhorns fan.  Speaking to that, don't feel too bad that my brother's Oklahoma (-31) pick didn't come through last week.  This was Pete's Facebook status in the aftermath of that game...  "OU lost to Iowa State at Home, LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!"  I'm at least in the general vicinity on the number of exclamation points...  And these are Pete's favorite bets for this weekend...

Pete's Parlay Card (Last Week 1-2/Overall 4-13-1)

Texans (-9.5) vs. Browns
Ravens (-6.5) vs. Bears
Broncos (-12) vs. Giants

And now for the old man's picks.  You realize that I wear my alma mater's jersey to look at least a little younger, right?  ;)  I almost went 3-0 here last week, but the Bills and Bengals decided against scoring exactly ten points in every quarter.  Let's see if we can find a little birthday weekend magic...

Coach's Parlay Card (Last Weekend 2-1/Overall 8-10)

Oregon/Stanford (Over 55.5) - The oddsmakers opened the total at 61.5, so it's worth a shot.  Hey, it worked for me in the K-State/Texas game last week...  ;)
San Diego State (-6) vs. Boise State - These are not the Broncos of yore, and the Aztecs have looked decent...
Packers (-3) @ Vikings - It just seems like the Pack has too much offense for the Minnesotans...

I know, I only picked one total this week, but I'm fine, really...  :)  Thanks for following along, and have a great football weekend!

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