Friday, January 20, 2017

Conference Championship Weekend - 2017

Good morning everyone.  It's hard to believe that Conference Championship Weekend is already staring us in the face.  It's not hard to believe that Joey went on another heater last weekend, going 7-1 for the weekend on his blog bets.  My brother and I went an understated 4-4, but we're all back to give you our next to last football bets for the season.  Let's start things off with our leader, live from Palace Station, here's Joey...

Joey's Parlay Card (Last Week 7-1/Overall 41-31-1)

Falcons 42  Packers 17 --- Falcons (-5.5)/Under 60.5
Patriots 21  Steelers 17 --- Steelers (+6)/Under 50.5

Final Four.

Falcons (-5.5) - Both of these games will show why the NFL is so popular.  Game one could be a shootout at the Falcon Corral.  Both teams have high-powered offenses, so this game comes down to which team plays D.  Atlanta has improved on D throughout the season and I believe the Falcons move on to the Super Bowl by beating Green Bay 42-17.

Steelers (+6) - Tom Brady and company are on a mission started by Roger Goodell.  It may come down to the final possession, but the Pats meet the Falcons after winning 21-17.

Come by Palace Station race and sports, and may all your parlays cash!

I've gotta give another personal shout out to my friend Joey as he once again helped me transport food and other goods to restock my man cave with supplies for the rest of the winter yesterday.  Everytime we hit the road, it's nonstop talk about football and poker...  :)  Speaking of nonstop talk about football, my brother has some bets for this weekend also.  Pete's game results are very similar to Joey's, although half of his bets differ.  Live from the Las Vegas Strip, here's Pete...

Pete's Parlay Card (Last Week 4-4/Overall 36-37)

Falcons 34  Packers 30 --- Packers (+5.5)/Over 60.5
Patriots 24  Steelers 20 --- Steelers (+6)/Under 50.5

As I peruse everyone's bets, it's funny how similar we see the total scoring going.  However, I hope that my partners in crime totally whiff on the winners of Sunday's games...  Live from somewhere in the desert, here are my picks...

Coach's Parlay Card (Last Week 4-4/Overall 38-34-1)

Packers 34  Falcons 30 --- Packers (+5.5)/Over 60.5 --- I picked the Giants and Cowboys over the Packers, and I got burned both times.  I saw Rodgers play, and now I'm a believer.  I expect a competitive shootout in the dome, with the Packers winning another thriller...

Steelers 27  Patriots 23 --- Steelers (+6)/Under 50.5 --- I thought that the Steelers played one of their better games of the season when they lost by 11 to the Patriots.  If my memory serves me correctly, Roethlisberger was out that day, while Rob Gronkowski and Jamie Collins suited up for the Patriots.  I know that I have Steelers jerseys hanging in my closet, but I'll be surprised if Pittsburgh doesn't win this one, and more surprised if they don't cover...

And that's all for now my friends.  As always, remember that these picks are for entertainment purposes only.  Thanks for following along, and have a great football Sunday!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Divisional Weekend - 2017

Good evening everyone.  It's hard to believe that we're already to 'Divisional Weekend' in the NFL.  We're down to eight teams, and seven of those are going to lose before we go to bed on Sunday, February 5th.  It's been an interesting season here at 'Parlay Card' and any of us could still finish with the best record with our football bets.  We'll lead off again with Joey coming to us from Palace Station...

Joey's Parlay Card (Last Week 6-4/Overall 34-30-1)

Falcons 31  Seahawks 30 --- Seahawks (+5)/Over 51.5
Patriots 35  Texans 10 --- Patriots (-16)/Over 44.5
Steelers 17  Chiefs 3 --- Steelers (+1.5)/Under 44.5
Cowboys 34  Packers 31 --- Packers (+4.5)/Over 52.5

All four favorites covered this last weekend.  Now those favorites have to go on the road as dogs, but historically road dogs have been 48-16 since 1978 2-2-1 in the last three years.  I'll take three of four dogs...

Seahawks (+4.5) - A rematch of Week 6 when the Seahawks won 24-20 and the Falcons did not get a pass interference call at the end of the game.  Both teams are full strength and this game is inside.  Falcons win 31-30, but don't cover.

Patriots (-16) - This is one of the biggest spreads in the postseason since the Jets were 17-point underdogs to the Colts in Super Bowl 3.  Tom Brady keeps the machine rolling 35-10.

Steelers (+2) - Big Ben left Pittsburgh in a walking boot last week, but unless they cut off his legs, he will play in this game.  Pittburgh has the better team, and the temp will dip below freezing.  Pittsburgh wins 17-3.

Finally, Green Bay (+4.5) takes on Dallas.  This should be the best game of the weekend.  Dak and company have steamrolled through the regular season, but at the end they are starting to come back to earth, going 1-5 ATS.  Looks like the Pack will be with Jordy Nelson, but the Dallas defense has the edge over the Green Bay defense.  It's a close one, but Dallas wins 34-31.

Good luck this weekend and may all your parlays cash!

I can't believe that my brother picked against the Steelers, but I'll publish his bets anyway...  ;)  Live from the Strip, here's Pete...  

Pete's Parlay Card (Last Week 4-6/Overall 32-33)

Falcons 27  Seahawks 21 --- Falcons (-5)/Under 51.5
Patriots 31  Texans 17 --- Texans (+16)/Over 44.5
Chiefs 24  Steelers 20 --- Cheifs (-1.5)/Under 44.5
Cowboys 28  Packers 24 --- Packers (+4.5)/Under 52.5

It's interesting how closely Pete and myself see these games playing out.  I actually made my predictions before recording his scores.  Live from somewhere in the desert, here's what I've got for this weekend...

Coach's Parlay Card (Last Week 4-6/Overall 34-30-1)

Falcons 27  Seahawks 20 --- Falcons (-5)/Under 51.5 - Falcons have been the more consistent of this pair this season...
Patriots 27  Texans 16 --- Texans (+16)/Under 44.5 - I think the Texans may finally be tired of the jokes and will actually show up for this one...
Steelers 23  Chiefs 20 --- Steelers (+1.5)/Under 44.5 - This has all the makings of a dogfight as Arrowhead is a tough place to play, and both teams have been streaking...
Cowboys 33  Packers 24 --- Cowboys (-4.5)/Over 52.5 - I think that Dallas is the deeper team, but this matchup should be very entertaining...

And that all folks.  We'll have four teams left at this time next week.  As always, remember that these picks are for entertainment purposes only, and have a great football weekend!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Wild Card Weekend - 2017

Good afternoon everyone.  It's playoff time, and we're leading off with Joey from Palace Station...

Joey's Parlay Card (Last Week 2-5/Overall 28-26-1)

Texans 10  Raiders 3 --- Texans (-3.5)/Under 37
Seahawks 28  Lions 24 --- Lions (+8)/Over 43.5
Steelers 35  Dolphins 10 --- Steelers (-10)/Under 46
Giants 31  Packers 28 --- Giants (+4.5)/Over 44.5
Clemson 38  Alabama 35 --- Clemson (+6.5)/Over 50.5

Time now for the playoffs.  Since the second wild card was started by the NFL in 1979, road dogs are 29-52-4.  This weekend all four road teams are more than a field goal underdog.  I don't think any win outright, but maybe we can get a couple to cover.

Texans (-3.5) - Both teams offense is on life support.  The Texans have the better defense and have been playing close games all year long.  A last minute touchdown drive by Brock and Houston wins 10-3.

Lions (+8) - The Seahawks have been playing well at home and will win this game, but Matt Stafford has been able to score a last touchdown in many games this season.  Seattle wins but fails to cover.  Seattle 28-24.

Steelers (-10) - QB Matt Moore has done an okay job for Miami but the Pittsburgh defense will be more than he can handle.  Roethlisberger throws 3 TD's and runs for another as the Steelers roll 35-10.

Giants (+5) - This will be the best game of the weekend.  Green Bay has to find a way to run the ball to keep their D off the field.  Eli has been great in previous playoff games and could have a field day.  Giants are only road dog I think win.  A last second moves the Giants on 31-28.

Clemson (+6.5) - I think Clemson is motivated to show that they can beat the Tide.  If Clemson can take care of the football, they can win this game.  I like the Tigers to pull out a 38-35 victory and take the national championship back to Clemson.

Good luck and may all your teasers cash!

And now we're on to Pete, who crushed it last week.  Live from the Strip, here's Pete...

Pete's Parlay Card (Last Week 5-2/Overall 28-27)

Raiders 17  Texans 14 --- Raiders (+3.5)/Under 37
Seahawks 24  Lions 21 --- Lions (+8)/Over 43.5
Steelers 28  Dolphins 17 --- Steelers (-10)/Under 46
Packers 24  Giants 20 --- Giants (+4.5)/Under 44.5
Clemson 27  Alabama 24 --- Clemson (+6.5)/Over 50.5

And now it's my turn.  Somehow I managed to find the Wisconsin game and my first tie of the season last week.  Live from somewhere in the desert, here are my scores and bets...

Coach's Parlay Card (Last Week 2-4-1/Overall 30-24-1)

Raiders 21  Texans 17 --- Raiders (+3.5)/Over 37 - Gut feeling maybe?  Raiders had a better record against a tougher schedule...
Seahawks 21  Lions 17 --- Lions (+8)/Under 43.5 - Seahawks have not been blowing out opponents, and forecast calls for rain...
Steelers 28  Dolphins 21 --- Dolphins (+10)/Over 46 - Steelers lost by 15 to Dolphins earlier this season.  Flipping that to an 11-plus point win won't be easy...
Giants 27  Packers 24 --- Giants (+4.5)/Over 44.5 - Giants had better record against tougher schedule, including two wins over Cowboys...
Clemson 24  Alabama 20 --- Clemson (+6.5)/Under 50.5 - Tigers have superior QB and have the same OC they had last week...

As I always say, remember that these picks are for entertainment purposes only.  Have a great football weekend everyone!