Thursday, December 22, 2016

Football (2016-17) - Week 17

Good morning everyone.  I may actually hit the 'publish' button before midnight here in Las Vegas, but you get the idea...  Somehow, I'm getting this post online over a full day before this weekend's early Saturday schedule.  Today/tonight I was lazy and stayed home on my day off.  Not going to the Strip saved me money as I surely would have bet some money on the Giants over the Eagles.  Joey went 2-1 last week and pulled to within a half-game of the blog lead.  Without any further ado, here's my friend from Palace Station...

Joey's Parlay Card (Last Week 2-1/Overall 24-20-1)

49ers (+4.5) @ Rams
Broncos (+3.5) @ Chiefs
Lions/Cowboys (Over 44.5)

Like Joey, one of my favorite bets is on a game that has absolutely no playoff implications, and those games are hard to find this weekend.  My brother Pete is diving right into the thick of the playoff races however.  Live from the Strip, here's Pete...

Pete's Parlay Card (Last Week 0-3/Overall 20-25)

Texans (Pick) vs. Bengals
Ravens (+5.5) @ Steelers
Chiefs (-3.5) vs. Broncos

Pete was winless last week, but after bowling a perfect 300 game and an 820 series on Monday, he could miss every single bet for the rest of the season and still ride into the sunset a happy man.  Congratulations Pete!  I actually like Pete's bets, but being a Steelers fan, I can't bring myself to put in print that I like the Ravens with the points, so I'll give y'all three fresh bets...

Coach's Parlay Card (Last Week 1-2/Overall 25-20)

Falcons (-3) @ Panthers - Falcons may have Jones, and will have motivation...
Browns (+5.5) vs. Chargers - If there was ever a week for the Browns to win (or cover), this is it...
Colts/Raiders (Over 53) - Footballs should be flying in this game, and two premier kickers should mop up anything within fifty yards...

As a bonus this week, we're going to give you all of Joey's bowl bets, with scores, only omitting the NCAA semi-final playoff games (which all three of us are going to give you next week).  Joey bets all of the bowls every season, and I do apologize for the delay in getting this information out to you (you'll see that some of the bowls have been played).  For better or worse, these picks will not be included in Joey's blog record, and are just a Christmas bonus for y'all...

New Mexico (-7) - New Mexico 35-14
Houston (-4) - Houston 34-28
Arkansas State (+6) - UCF 26-21
Appalachian State (+1) - Appalachian State 28-23
Louisiana-Lafayette (+6) - Louisiana-Lafayette 40-36
Tulsa (-13) - Tulsa 45-21
Memphis (+6) - Memphis 35-34
Wyoming (+9) - BYU 26-20
Idaho (+13) - Colorado State 34-27
Old Dominion (-3) - Old Dominion 41-27
Navy (+6) - Navy 41-35
Ohio (+4) - Troy 28-26
Hawaii (NL) - Hawaii 38-35
Mississippi State (-12) - Mississippi State 35-20
Boston College (+2) - Boston College 21-17
North Carolina State (-4) - North Carolina State 21-14
Wake Forest (+13) - Temple 30-20
Washington State (-9) - Washington State 42-10
Boise State (-8.5) - Boise State 45-30
Pittsburgh (-5) - Pittsburgh 35-28
Utah (-8.5) - Utah 37-20
Kansas State (+2) - Kansas State 42-28
South Florida (-10.5) - South Florida 41-20
Virginia Tech (-6.5) - Virginia Tech 38-28
Colorado (-2.5) - Colorado 38-35
Georgia (-1) - Georgia 35-31
Stanford (-3) - Stanford 35-14
Air Force (-13) - Air Force 35-10
Nebraska (+3) - Nebraska 28-24
Michigan (-6.5) - Michigan 34-24
Louisville (+3) - Louisville 28-27
Georgia Tech (-4) - Georgia Tech 42-35
Iowa (+3) - Iowa 17-14
Wisconsin (-7) - Wisconsin 35-24
Penn State (+7) - USC 38-35
Oklahoma (-5) - Oklahoma 34-28

And that's all folks.  As always, remember that these picks are for entertainment purposes only.  Thank you for checking out the blog again.  It looks like we'll be approaching 10,000 total page views here by the time that the Super Bowl rolls around.  Remember that each of us will give you score predictions on next week's NCAA semi-final playoff games, in addition to our three favorite NFL bets.  Have a great football weekend and a Safe and Merry Christmas!

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