Friday, October 28, 2016

Football (2016-17) - Week 9

Good evening everyone.  I actually had the day off (Happy Nevada Day, by the way) but after placing my football bets for the weekend (okay, we all know I'm not done), I took a nap (per my usual M.O.).  Joey extended his lead to three games last weekend as my brother climbed to .500, and I fell to the .500 mark.  As you'll soon find out, I strongly agree with one of Joey's picks, as well as one of my brother's.  Leading off from the Palace Station Race and Sports Book, here's Joey...

Joey's Parlay Card (Last Week 2-1/Overall 15-9)

Eastern Michigan (-7) vs. Miami (Ohio)
SMU (+2) @ Tulane
Patriots (-6) @ Bills

The season feels like it just started and is now almost over.  The high schools here in Vegas are starting their playoffs and the college bowl season starts in just over a month.  I think I have the lead (yes, you do Joey), so we will keep it rolling with a couple of low-profile games...

Eastern Michigan (-7) - Miami (Ohio) is just not very good this year and they are down to their 3rd-string QB.  Eastern rolls 31-7.

SMU (+2) - SMU won a big game last week and could have a let down on the road, but I like this tough Mustang squad.  They should be the favorite in this game and might be by kickoff.

Patriots (-6) - I'm gonna drink the Brady Kool-Aid, plus no Gronk last time.  Belichick does not like losing, especially to rival East teams.  Pats win 33-10.

That's all for this week.  Come by and see the all-new race and sports book at Palace Station, and may all your parlay cards cash!

While I'm thinking of it, Joey and Pete both had a loss last week in a UTEP/UTSA game that went FIVE overtimes.  I just learned this as I was checking scores tonight...  :)  Pete's following in Joey's footsteps again in picking a few games that are under the radar.  Live from Caesar's Entertainment and the sportsbooks at Bally's, Paris, and Planet Hollywood, here's Pete...

Pete's Parlay Card (Last Week 2-1/Overall 12-12)

Kentucky (+6) @ Missouri
Baylor (-3.5) @ Texas
Middle Tennessee State/Florida International (Over 62.5)

Final score just in:  Indians 1  Cubs 0  Indians take a 2-1 lead in the World Series.  I had a $5.00 parlay with the Cubs and over 8 runs scored.  That's how tonight's game happened.  I should just stick to losing football bets...  ;)  Alright, let's see if I can get back on the winning track.  I really like my bets for this weekend, and that's never good...  :)  Coming to you live from Planet Hollywood both days this weekend, here are my best bets...

Coach's Parlay Card (Last Week 1-2/Overall 12-12)

Baylor (-3.5) @ Texas - Bears lost by six last year, with nary a QB...
Patriots (-6) @ Bills - Bills won 16-0 earlier in season, but now must contend with Brady and Gronkowski.  Huge divisional implications if Pats allow Bills to get the sweep...
Cowboys (-4.5) vs. Eagles - Big primetime game in Arlington, and Dez returns for Dallas...

Maybe I finally get on the right side of an Eagles game this week...  Anyway, those are our favorites for the weekend, and remember that they're for entertainment purposes only, as always.  Have a great football weekend and a Happy Halloween!

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