Saturday, September 3, 2016

Football (2016-17) - Week 1

Good morning everyone.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute...  :)  WELCOME to the 2016-17 football season!  I'm actually going to get these picks in before kickoff as I watch the Georgia Tech/Boston College game go to halftime this morning.  We'll lead off with last season's champion.  Live from the Palace Station Sportsbook & Casino, here's Joey...

Joey's Parlay Card (Last Week 0-0/Overall 0-0)

Texas A&M (-3) vs. UCLA
Wisconsin (+11) vs. LSU
Hawaii/Michigan (Over 54.5)

Hi.  I have no analysis this week because I'm busy with high school sports, but come to Palace and check out the new electronic boards.  We are finally in the 21st century.  Thanks and good luck!

And now we head to the Strip.  Live from the Bally's/Paris/Planet Hollywood group of sportsbooks, here's Pete...

Pete's Parlay Card (Last Week 0-0/Overall 0-0)

LSU (-11) @ Wisconsin
Clemson (-7.5) @ Auburn
Notre Dame/Texas (Over 60)

And for the first time in the history of this blog, all three forecasters will be coming to you from a sportsbook this week, after I was hired in a temporary position.  Live from the Bally's and Paris Sportsbooks, here are my bets...

Coach's Parlay Card (Last Week 0-0/Overall 0-0)

Hawaii/Michigan (Over 54.5) - Look at last week's Hawaii/Cal score...
Florida (-36.5) vs. Massachusetts - Gators should own the Minutemen...
Notre Dame/Texas (Under 60) - UT defense should be getting "Stronger..."

As always, remember that these picks are for entertainment purposes only.  Also as always, we're already disagreeing with each other, so I guess that it's time for some football.  :)  Have a great football weekend, and we'll see you next week!


  1. Congrats on the new position. Hopefully temporary turns into permanent!!

  2. Let me get this straight....... you're GIVING 36 and a half points away before the game even starts??? Are you inhaling illegal substances, sir?? lmao

    In all seriousness I am probably the worst sports bettor in the history of sports betting, but I'm from Massachusetts originally so I have to say no way never happen. Got to stay true to my home state afterall. :-)

  3. I don't generally bet on college games, but I did buy my first ever NFL parlay from the Golden Nugget Sports book today. My little $5 investment could be worth $190+ That would be rather pleasant lol.