Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Football Preseason 16-17

Good morning everyone.  Welcome to my football (and NCAA Men's Basketball Tourney) prediction blog.  I figured that I'd better put a post up since the blog has been getting traffic, even though the last predictions here were made back in early April.  My friend Joey, my brother Pete, and myself will post our three favorite weekly football bets here beginning Friday, September 2nd.  Since our favorite picks will be posted on Fridays, the games that we choose from will consist only of contests played on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays.  These picks are NOT guarantees, so if you do use them as a betting guide, keep in mind that you're doing so at your own risk.  Of the three of us, Joey was last season's champion, and he was the only one in our trio who posted a winning record.  The bets that we post come from both college and NFL games, and they can be made on game totals, or they can be bets on the winner against the spread.  This is who we are, along with our records for last season...

This is Joey, and he currently works in the Palace Station Sportsbook here in sunny and deathly hot Las Vegas, Nevada.  :)  Joey went 44-36-2 on his picks last season, and he even picked Denver to beat Carolina 23-16 in the Super Bowl.  The final score was 24-10...

This is my brother Pete, and he currently works in several of the Caesar's Sportsbooks (Bally's, Paris, Planet Hollywood) on the Las Vegas Strip.  After a slow start, Pete rallied to finish 36-44-2 last season.

I'm Coach, and this is not my most recent photo, but it's one of my favorites.  I went 38-43-1 last season, finishing just ahead of Pete.  I write three other blogs, and initially I posted all of my bets here in my original blog, 'Bikini Hill & The Strip.'   This blog not only used to house my football picks, but it also contained my poker content.  However, I decided to move my betting and poker content, and utilize 'Bikini Hill' as a more personal blog.  That resulted in the birth of this blog, and my poker content can now be found here at 'Three Chips Poker.'  I'm trying to survive as a professional poker player (and sports bettor to a lesser extent), and 'Three Chips' chronicles that journey.  My other blog is 'Coach Goes Viral', and it's my "rant blog."  My goal is to do at least one post per week for each blog.  The entries for my other three blogs will usually be posted on Tuesday or Wednesday.  You'll notice that after I do my Friday post here, you won't see me for the rest of the weekend, as I'll be too busy playing poker or watching football to write...  :)  Joey joined me in posting his favorite picks a few years back, and Pete came on board last season.  Despite requests to be added to our group of "experts,' I have to limit our number to three because this just becomes a big chore for me if I have additional people submitting picks.  I tried using several people a few years back when this was a part of 'Bikini Hill,' and it just involved too much housekeeping.  However, feel free to comment on our selections, or to submit your weekly favorites in the comment section at the bottom of the page.  

Enjoy the rest of the preseason, and we'll see you again on Friday, September 2nd!

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