Monday, April 4, 2016

NCAA Final Two - 2016

Good afternoon everyone.  Although I'm getting this out to you a little later than I'd anticpated today, it will still be coming to you about five hours before tipoff.   In my rushed Final Four post on Saturday, I didn't have time to tell you that Joey had campaigned for some extra "airtime" from the three of us.  I was ready to pack this blog up til football season rolled around again, but after communicating with Joey and Pete, we've decided that we'll give you our picks in the NBA and NHL playoffs in the coming weeks.  That will take us through about the end of June, and then we'll only have to fade two months until football kicks off again.  Maybe I'll get some revenge on these guys in the coming weeks.  Joey was our football champion this season, and Pete has already clinched that title in college basketball.  Pete is streaking at 11-3 on his bets in this tourney.  To tell you how I'm running, I put down money on the pair of Final Four bets that I gave you against the spread for Saturday (OU -2 & Syracuse +9.5).  While losing those wagers, I neglected to put any money on the totals (both overs) which I ended up being right about.  Go figure...  :)  Without any further delay, it's time to let you know what our thoughts are on tonight's title game.  Live from Palace Station in Las Vegas, Nevada, here's Joey...

Joey's Parlay Card (Final Four 1-3/Overall 6-8)

Villanova 81  North Carolina 75 - (Nova +2/Over 150)

I can't decide which side to take.  Nova has been shooting lights out and UNC is a great team.  It should be a great game.  Come by and see the game tonight in the Palace Race & Sports.

If only I was in Vegas to watch the game tonight.  Light snow today in the White Mountains.  Again, go figure...  Now to the guy who has been red hot.  Live from Bally's, Paris, and Planet Hollywood on the Vegas Strip, here's Pete...

Pete's Parlay Card (Final Four 3-1/Overall 11-3) 

Villanova 79  North Carolina 75 - (Nova +2/Over 150)

It's funny how similar Joey's and Pete's picks are.  Funnier if they lose of course, only because I don't agree...  :)  Here's my take from the White Mountains...

Coach's Parlay Card (Final Four 2-2/Overall 7-7)

North Carolina 74  Villanova 69 - (UNC -2/Under 150) - I feel the under is the strongest bet (and yes, I bet my total this time).  I think both teams will be playng a little more conservatively in the title game.  I don't think Nova will be able to dimantle the Heels like they did with OU, but I also expect a close game...

And there you have it.  Again, remember that these picks are for entertainment purposes only.  This little blog is going to surpass 4,000 total pageviews shortly after I hit the 'publish' button on this post.   Thank you very much for stopping by, and enjoy the title game tonight!

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