Friday, January 8, 2016

Football Friday (Wild Card Weekend - 2016)

Good evening everyone.  Took a nap after work (shift ended at 10:00 last night, I was back at 9:30 this morning), but here we are.  I don't want to brag, but our fearless forecasters have gone 20-7 on our NFL bets over the last three weeks.  We're each giving you a total of ten bets this weekend because we're giving you our selections against the spread and on the totals of the four NFL Wild Card games and on Monday night's NCAA title game.  Our score predictions are an added bonus...  ;)  We actually all went 2-1 on our bets last week, but all of us matching records would be a nifty trick this time around, because we have some diverse opinions on this weekend's action.  Starting us off from the sportsbook at Palace Station in Las Vegas, here's Joey...

Joey's Parlay Card (Last Weekend 2-1/Overall 30-27-1)

Texans 23  Chiefs 20 - Texans (+3.5)/Over 40
Steelers 30  Bengals 20 - Steelers (-2.5)/Over 45.5
Vikings 24  Seahawks 20 - Vikings (+5)/Over 39.5
Redskins 38  Packers 17 - Redskins (-1)/Over 45
Clemson 45  Alabama 28 - Clemson (+7)/Over 50.5

Not a bad ending to the NFL season.  Now the fun stuff starts.  Several teams that were contenders early in the season may now be pretenders.  Wild Card Weekend is always wild.  I'll start with tomorrow's games and end with the national championship game on Monday.

Texans (+3.5) - The Chiefs have won 10 in a row after losing 5 straight.  They are not flashy but have gotten the job done.  However, J.J. Watt and the Texans defense have improved since Week 1.  It's gonna be a close game, but the Texans win on a last second field goal 23-20.

Steelers (-2.5) - I'm not a fan of road favorites in the postseason, but the Steelers are grateful to be there and the Bengals are on their backup quarterback.  Steelers win 30-20.

Vikings (+5.5) - Seattle is playing their best football and the home field is good for them, but this game is in cold Minnesota and the Vikings have a good defensive coach in Zimmer.  Vikings win 24-20.

Redskins (-1) - The Packers have lost 7 of the last 10 and are limping into the playoffs.  They will be kicked out in round one.  Redskins win 38-17.

Finally, the National Championship Game.  I'm gonna wait til gametime to bet since I think the general public will bet this game to 7.5 or 8, and I normally bet against the public, plus Clemson is rated #1 and is undefeated.  Plus, the two teams that gave Alabama the most trouble (Ole Miss and Tennessee) spread the defense out and can run, just like Clemson.  I'll take the Tigers to win the National Title by a final of 45-28.

I think Joey is crazy, but we'll get to my picks later...  ;)  Joey is our leader and did have these picks to me by Tuesday, so I'll be nice...  :)  My brother has made a nice late-season run, and now Pete is nipping at our heels.  Live from the Las Vegas Strip, somewhere in the Bally's/Paris/Planet Hollywood triangle, here's Pete...

Pete's Parlay Card (Last Weekend 2-1/Overall 24-33-1)

Chiefs 21  Texans 17 - Chiefs (-3.5)/Under 40
Steelers 24  Bengals 21 - Steelers (-2.5)/Under 45.5
Seahawks 17  Vikings 14 - Vikings (+5)/Under 39.5
Packers 21  Redskins 17 - Packers (+1)/Under 45
Alabama 31  Clemson 27 - Clemson (+7)/Over 50.5

My brother and I agree on all the winners, but we differ on some lines and totals, so he's just a little crazy.  In the NFL, I would not normally pick all four road teams to's win straight up, but then I also consider quarterback matchups...  Live from the White Mountains of New Hampshire, it's my turn...

Coach's Parlay Card (Last Weekend 2-1/Overall 27-31)

Chiefs 23  Texans 16 - Chiefs (-3.5)/Under 40 - Smith vs. the Texans latest QB.  Chiefs are hot and have a better record, enough to squeak by at crazy Reliant...
Steelers 27  Bengals 23 - Steelers (-2.5)/Over 45.5 - Roethlisberger vs. McCarron.  Highest-scoring NFL playoff game of weekend, and Ben's experience advances Steelers...
Seahawks 28  Vikings 10 - Seahawks (-5)/Under 39.5 - Wilson vs. Bridgewater.  Seahawks crushed Vikes in recent meeting, and they've been there before...
Packers 28  Redskins 20 - Packers (+1)/Over 45 - Rodgers vs. Cousins.  Packers have better record and played tougher schedule...
Alabama 34  Clemson 13 - Alabama (-7)/Under 50.5 - Tigers did not face a defense like Bama's and their D looked like swiss cheese against North Carolina in ACC title tilt.  Can't see Henry being slowed by Tigers...

And there you go.  Somehow we're already in the second week of 2016, and we're eagerly awaiting the NFL Playoffs and NCAA title game.  As always, remember that our picks are for entertainment purposes only.  Have a great football weekend and we'll see you next week!

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