Friday, January 15, 2016

Divisional Weekend - 2016

Good evening everyone.  Quite a weekend here last time around.  For starters, Pete went 8-2 on his bets last weekend, which is incredible, and this resulted in him passing me by a half bet for the season.  In addition, Pete and myself correctly called all four road teams winning straight up in the Wild Card round, which had never happened before in the NFL.  However, before you start crying any tears for Joey, I have it on good authority (messaging him during Monday night's Alabama/Clemson tilt) that he cleaned up on the title game.  Now as I have the Cavs/Rockets game starting in the background, I'll give you our bets for the NFL's Divisional Weekend games.  Once again, there is substantial disagreement among our experts here...  I won't even mention that Joey is a Broncos fan while I myself root for the Steelers as we delve into this week's bets...  ;)  Coming to you live from the Palace Station Sportsbook in Las Vegas, here's Joey...

Joey's Parlay Card (Last Weekend 4-6/Overall 34-33-1)

Patriots 23  Chiefs 20 - Chiefs (+5) - Over 42.5
Cardinals 35  Packers 14 - Cardinals (-7) - Under 49.5
Panthers 20  Seahawks 16 - Panthers (-2.5) - Under 44
Broncos 20  Steelers 7 - Broncos (-7) - Under 39.5

Round one goes to the visiting team.  Never before have all four visiting teams been victorious.  Against the spread the teams went 2-2.  It made for one wild weekend of football.  Hopefully this weekend is just as fun to watch.

Chiefs (+5) - The Chiefs can't even get any love from their peers.  Nobody believes that KC can win this game outright.  BUT Gronk is questionable, the Pats have no starting RB, and Edelman returns from an injury.  The upside for the Pats is that they have Tom Brady, but I still think that this game comes down to who has the ball last.

Cardinals (-7) - The Cards won this game 38-8 a couple of months ago.  The Packers D has not improved.  Maybe Rodgers gets one more score.

Panthers (-2.5) - Probably the best game of the weekend.  Two good teams with great D's.  The Panthers O is a little more focused while Seattle feels lucky to be in this game.  Their O has struggled without Beastmode and I think his teammates are questioning his heart.

Finally, the most questionable game of the weekend, mainly because the questions are who will play and how well.  There has been no line all week.  Denver lost to Pitt, but Osweiler was QB.  This time it's Peyton Manning back at the helm and he will make sure Denver moves on.

Good luck and may all your tickets cash!

Now to the guy who crushed it last week.  Live from the Bally's/Paris/Planet Hollywood portion of the Vegas Strip, here's Pete...

Pete's Parlay Card (Last Weekend 8-2/Overall 32-35-1)

Chiefs 27  Patriots 21 - Chiefs (+5) - Over 42.5
Cardinals 35  Packers 24 - Cardinals (-7) - Over 49.5
Seahawks 21  Panthers 17 - Seahawks (+2.5) - Under 44
Broncos 28  Steelers 10 - Broncos (-7) - Under 39.5

We'll definitely start calling Pete the "Silent Assassin" if he can match his results from last week.  Well, I was 5-3 last weekend heading into Monday night's NCAA title game, where things unraveled for me.  Here are my bets for what promises to be a very interesting Divisional Weekend...

Coach's Parlay Card (Last Weekend 5-5/Overall 32-36)

Patriots 27  Chiefs 20 - Patriots (-5) - Over 42.5  I'll believe that Brady loses this game and doesn't cover only when I see it...
Cardinals 27  Packers 23 - Packers (+7) - Over 49.5  Rodgers will sling it til the very end...
Seahawks 23  Panthers 20 - Seahawks (+2.5) - Under 44  I'll believe that Carolina wins only when I see it...
Broncos 27  Steelers 23 - Steelers (+7) - Over 39.5  The over in this game is my favorite bet of the weekend.  Peyton and Ben will throw some passes, and the Steelers look too dinged-up to win outright...

And that's it my friends.  Remember that our picks are for entertainment purposes only, and have a great football weekend!

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