Friday, January 22, 2016

Conference Championship Sunday - 2016

Good evening everyone.  I had my crack staff submit their picks to me by noon today Vegas time, but then when my plans fell through for tonight, I remembered that these games aren't being played til Sunday, so I took a nap.  :)  To start off, I need to tell Joey to sit down right now.  Joey, please sit down...  :)  Joey has been joining me for quite some time now in volunteering his picks for my blogs.  All of these football picks used to be published in my original blog here, and that link will bring you to the place where you can learn the most about my personal life, if you're so inclined.  Anyway, my brother Pete joined us in picking games this season.  Pete coming on board was fitting since he got a job at a sportsbook (three books to be exact).  Joey has been working at the Palace Station book in Vegas for quite some time.  Pete works at Bally's, Paris, and Planet Hollywood.  Joey, are you sitting down?  Joey has yet to meet one of our blog's readers, but today my brother met fellow poker blogger Nick at Bally's.  Sorry Joey.  Nick also goes by "Cokeboy" (he used to work for Coca-Cola, before you make any jokes), and the link to his blog can be found to the right.  Nick is out in Vegas right now playing a little poker and making sports bets, among other things.  I think that Nick likes the poker room at the Mirage - this started as two 100-dollar stacks of red last night...

Evidently Nick plays pocket kings better than my friend Rob, who also writes a little poker blog whose link you can find in the little list to the right...  :)  Back to football, I'm sorry about that Joey.  Joey has been inviting readers to stop by Palace Station for quite some time.  To add insult to injury, for the first time in the history of making these predictions, I picked the exact score in the Patriots 27-20 win over the Chiefs last weekend.  If only there was something to console my friend Joey, like the fact that he's still our overall leader, or that he made a stack of money on Alabama/Clemson, OR that his Broncos knocked my Steelers out of the playoffs...  With all that being said, it's time to make some picks.  Live from the Palace Station Sportsbook, here's Joey...

Joey's Parlay Card (Last Week 4-3-1/Overall 38-36-2)

Broncos 23  Patriots 20 - Broncos (+3) - Under 44.5
Panthers 38  Cardinals 30 - Panthers (-3) - Over 47.5

Down to the final four.  Both lines hit (-3.5) in recent days, but have leveled off at (-3).

Broncos (+3) - Peyton is definitely in his final season and the Patriots seem to stand in his way, but Manning is 2-1 against Brady in AFC title games.  The Denver defense is #1 in the AFC against the run and pass.  The Pats have no running game at this point, so if Denver can make Brady uncomfortable, then Denver wins and moves on.

Panthers (-3) - I have been on the fence all week with this game.  Both teams have Top 5 defenses and offenses.  Neither team has a lot of experience in big games, so the only defining factor is Carolina being at home.  The turf wasn't good last week, so I'm guessing the NFL will step in and make things right, which means TRACK MEET.

That's it from the Palace Station Race and Sportsbook until Super Bowl 50.  May all your tickets cash!

And right here I need to thank Joey and Pete once again for submitting their picks here each week.  The football season lasts for a while, and it does become a responsibility, especially the last few weeks when we had so many games to call.  I pick on Pete here a little for not giving commentary with his picks.  When Nick informed me that he'd met Pete today, Nick said, "Just met your brother... good guy!"  I bet that was in part because he was surprised that Pete speaks...  :)  Now coming to you live from Bally's evidently, here's Pete...

Pete's Parlay Card (Last Week 2-5-1/Overall 34-40-2)

Patriots 28  Broncos 17 - Patriots (-3) - Over 44.5
Panthers 35  Cardinals 24 - Panthers (-3) - Over 47.5

And now it's my turn.  As always, our panel has some disagreement on our bets.  Live from the White Mountains of New Hampshire, here are my takes...

Coach's Parlay Card (Last Week 3-4-1/Overall 35-40-1)

Patriots 28  Broncos 13 - Patriots (-3) - Under 44.5 - Broncos struggled against a Steelers team with no Antonio Brown and a depleted running corps.  Manning doesn't fare well in the elements.  Patriots go back to the Super Bowl...

Panthers 23  Cardinals 17 - Panthers (-3) - Under 47.5 - In fair weather I was picking the Cards, but Carolina will be cold and snowy.  History has not been kind to warm weather teams in the cold.  If throwing is difficult, Newton can run, Palmer cannot.  Panthers vs. Patriots in Super Bowl 50...

And that it folks.  As always, our picks are for entertainment purposes only.  Have a great football Sunday, and we'll see you next time with our Super Bowl bets!

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  1. I got a mention!!

    Personally, I like broncos, under, arizona, and over.