Friday, December 4, 2015

Football Friday (2015 - Week 14)

Good evening everyone.  Once again I'm posting late (shocking).  It's really fortunate for me that I'm not betting serious amounts of money this season as I just can't seem to get on track.  Pete led us with 2 wins last weekend, Joey had 1, and I whiffed every bet.  Joey still leads us overall for the season, and he's leading off for us tonight...

Joey's Parlay Card (Last Week 1-2/Overall 18-20-1)

Temple (+6) @ Houston
Iowa (+3.5) vs. Michigan State
Vikings (+1.5) vs. Seahawks

How time flies.  The college season is literally over.  It's now the start of the championships and the bowl season, which I will once again bet every game and total :), but first this week.  I like more college than NFL.

Temple (+6) - Both teams have really good offenses.  I think that Temple has the better D.  I guess we shall see.
Iowa (+3.5) - It's a high profile game that I normally stay from.  Plus this is like a playoff game since the winner is in and the loser is out, so I'll take the dog.
Vikings (+1.5) - At home, Minnesota opened a 3-point favorite.  Vegas is seldom wrong, and the public seldom right.

I haven't picked my Alma Mater all year, so I'm giving a bonus pick.
NMSU (-2) @ UL Monroe - Both teams are bad, but NMSU has not had 4 wins since 2004 and might be a little more motivated to play.

That's it for this week.  Good luck and may all your tickets cash.

Wow, I'm kinda glad Pete doesn't have much to say, because Joey said a lot
...  :)  I'm posting from my phone this time, which is much harder...  Now it's Pete's turn to wow us...

Pete's Parlay Card (Last Week 2-1/Overall 14-24-1)

Western Kentucky (-7.5) vs. Southern Mississippi)
Alabama (-18) vs. Florida
Broncos/Chargers (Over 43.5)

And now let's see if I can win a bet this week...  :)

Coach's Parlay Card (Last Week 0-3/Overall 15-24)

Bengals (-9) @ Browns - Stripes face off against yet another new Browns QB...
Eagles/Patriots (Under 49) - Falling temperatures and Pats receivers...
Steelers (-7) vs. Colts - I remember last year's game...

And that's it my friends.  Remember, no guarantees here, so wager at your own risk.  Have a great football weekend!

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