Friday, October 30, 2015

Football Friday (2015 - Week 9)

Good evening everyone.  Just as I did last week, I worked today (publishing day), so this is coming to most of you in the evening.  Our team collectively went 6-3 here last week, and I think that we'll keep picking up steam as the season progresses.  Our overall leader Joey went 2-1 last week, and today is his birthday, so we'll let him lead off.  Who am I kidding?  I went 3-0 last week, so we're going in the EXACT SAME ORDER as we did last week for that reason...  ;)  Coming live to you from the Palace Station Sportsbook & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, here's the birthday boy...

Joey's Parlay Card (Last Week 2-1/Overall 13-10-1)

Florida International (-2) @ Florida Atlantic
Chargers (+3.5) @ Ravens
Falcons (-7) vs. Buccaneers

I like lots of games this week, but I narrowed them down to three, so here goes...

Florida International (-2) - It's a big rivalry game and FIU has the rushing edge.  I'll take the small favorite.
Chargers (+3.5) - Baltimore just isn't good and all six games have been close.  I think this game will be also.
Falcons (-7) - The Bucs blow a big lead vs. Washington and the Falcons have something to prove after not playing well against Tennessee.

That's it for this week's parlay card.  May all your tickets cash!

Happy Birthday Joey!  I'm "stealing" something from the birthday boy here shortly (spoiler alert)... Now it's my brother's turn, and his picks are starting to turn the corner.  He's been very close on some of his losses, and I've been around long enough to know that he's very capable of getting hot. Pete's also coming to you live from Las Vegas, from the Bally's, Paris, and Planet Hollywood sportsbooks...

Pete's Parlay Card (Last Week 1-2/Overall 6-17-1)

Clemson (-10) @ North Carolina State
Houston (-11.5) vs. Vanderbilt
Rams (-8.5) vs. 49ers

If you're just tuning in, Pete is going to start talking to you soon...  ;)  Well, like I said, I went 3-0 last week, and I'm hoping to build on that.  Sadly for me, I worked a lot last weekend and didn't have the foresight to bet on my own picks...  :(  As I've said before, these picks are for entertainment purposes only, so don't go crazy wagering on them.  With that being said, let's see if I can pick three more winners this weekend...

Coach's Parlay Card (Last Week 3-0/Overall 10-14)

Falcons (-7) vs. Bucs - My very favorite bet of the weekend - blowout potential here...
Cardinals (-5.5) @ Browns - How do the Browns score in this game???
Packers (-2.5) @ Broncos - See below...

Now I"m going to go "Joey Style" (it is his birthday after all, right?) and say a little bit more about my picks.  The Falcons are at home and Tampa has Winston at quarterback.  I think that this bet has all kinds of potential at (-7), and I would be shocked if that number doesn't move by Sunday.  Sunday night it's Green Bay's turn, and when you look at it, the Packers are (2-.5).  We're talking about Aaron Rodgers vs. an again Peyton Manning.  I'm not crazy about the game being in Denver, but I think that the Packers have too much firepower.

Happy Halloween and have a great football weekend everyone!

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