Friday, September 18, 2015

Football Friday (2015 - Week 3)

Good afternoon everyone.  I hope that you're enjoying the start of this season as much as I am.  I went to sleep early on the Giants/Cowboys game earlier in the week, but I witnessed the ending of the Broncos/Chiefs matchup last night - WOW...  Let me again remind you as I type up these picks that they're for entertainment purposes only - there are no guarantees here.  If you did bet with anyone's selections last week, I hope that you went with Joey, as he was 2-0-1 for the week, and is now our overall leader.  Without any further ado, live from the Palace Station Sportsbook & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, here's Joey...

Joey's Parlay Card (Last Week 2-0-1/Season 3-2-1)

Duke (-3) vs. Northwestern
Cardinals (-2) @ Bears
Giants (-2.5) vs. Falcons

Picking teams became a little bit harder for the NFL's Week 2.  Teams that were supposed to win in Week 1 did not while others looked spectacular.  Normally I like to bet against the teams that won in Week 1 and with the teams that lost.  The teams that lost seem to play harder and no team want to be 0-2.

Duke (-3) - The Blue Devil program is looking good and Duke is my team to win the ACC.
Cardinals (-2) - Change of coaches has not helped Jay Cutler or the bad Bears defense.
Giants (-2.5) - The G-Men gave away last week's game and Atlanta comes off a Monday night win (it fits perfect into a Week 2 play).

That's all for this week's picks.  May all your tickets cash!

And now it's my turn.  I could spend a while telling you how I was about to win my Alabama pick last week when they threw an interception deep in Middle Tennessee State territory (because EVERYONE LOVES hearing bad beat stories, right?), OR I could just tell you that I went 1-2 and give you my picks for this weekend...

Coach's Parlay Card (Last Week 1-2/Season 3-3)

Missouri (-21) vs. Connecticut - The Huskies have edged two unranked teams not from the SEC...
Steelers (-6) vs. 49ers - Well-rested Steelers host weary and jet-lagged Niners...
Rams (-3) @ Redskins - After beating the Seahawks, Rams only lay 3 to this team?  Thanks...

A season record of 6-3 is written all over those picks, huh?  ;)  And now it's my brother's turn, as he tries to put together his first winning week of the season.  Live from the Paris, Bally's, and/or Planet Hollywood sportsbooks in Las Vegas, here's Pete...

Pete's Parlay Card (Last Week 1/2/Season 2-4)

Oklahoma (-30) vs. Tulsa
Kansas State (-9.5) vs. Louisiana Tech
Titans (+2.5) @ Browns

On Pete's Titans pick, I'm assuming that he made his bet when Tennessee opened as the underdog, so you probably won't find that line today.  For the first time this season, our experts here picked nine different bets, so hopefully we'll post a mark of 9-0 this weekend...  Have a great football weekend and we'll see you next Friday!

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