Monday, April 6, 2015

Wisconsin vs. Duke

Good evening everyone.  This is so last minute, even for me.  I've had a hard time trying to decide who I'm going to pick tonight, and I was actually glad when Joey told me that the spread was (-1) earlier today, because I think it's that tough to pick the winner.  Of course if either team was getting five points tonight, I'd probably just take the points...  Okay, I don't have time to stall.  My claim to fame this weekend was picking Wisconsin 68-62 over Kentucky when the final was actually 71-64 - not too shabby.  Gonna stick with the high school graduation photo...

Coach's NCAA '15 Picks (Overall Record 14-14)

Wisconsin 69  Duke 64 - Wisconsin (-1)/Under 140.5

I like that the Badgers have two superstars (Kaminsky & Dekker), while Duke has one (Okafor).  I like that the game is in the Midwest (maybe those Badger fans scored the extra tickets for tonight's game).  It's an extremely tough game to pick, like I said.  If Duke wins, I won't be surprised either...

Now live from Las Vegas and the Palace Station Sportsbook & Casino, here's Joey...

Joey's NCAA '15 Picks (Overall Record 10-18)

Duke 79  Wisconsin 71 - Duke (+1)/Over 140.5

It's not the matchup that I or CBS wanted, but this should be one of the best Finals games.  Wisconsin has the defense to help their offense, and right now Dekker is on fire.  The question is, "is this enough?"  My answer is NO.  These two teams played earlier in the year and Duke won by 10.  Both teams have improved since then and it's a neutral site, so I'm going against the general public and picking the Duke Blue Devils as the next national champion.  Thank you and may all your tickets cash.  See you in the fall...

And thanks again to Joey for joining me in this nonsense of picking football games and the Sweet 16.  I'll pick nonsense here on a more regular basis also, once work slows down (or I speed up).  I posted the question as to who my facebook friends had in this game earlier today, and since they answered, here's the final tally...

DUKE has the support of Melanie, Abby (who is moving to Salt Lake City, WHAT?!), Kristi, Kari, Keith, Xondra's husband, Chris, and Wendy (Wendy came strong, posting logos and everything)...  :)

WISCONSIN has the backing of Mike, Taylor, Carl, Jason, Aaron, Xondra, and Nick...

Pretty even matchup, pretty even support...  Have a great night and enjoy the game everyone!


  1. Huzzah! Duke won!
    And yes, I'm moving to SLC. I've been in Austin/San Marcos for too long and need a change. I'm sure you can understand that. ;)

    1. "Huzzah!" LOL Yes, just because I move seemingly every year, you don't have to say it... ha ha

  2. It was an excellent game to watch. Being from Ben Ten country, I was hoping that our conference would finally win another basketball championship. Once again -- disappointment.

    1. It was a good game - the Badgers made a great run (the Spartans too, for that matter)...