Saturday, April 4, 2015

Final Four Picks (2015)

Good afternoon everyone.  You'd be seeing this sooner if I hadn't taken a FIFTEEN HOUR snooze last night.  Better later, but still before the games actually tip off, right??  Duke/Michigan State is actually slated to begin exactly three hours from now.  I'm not going to delay any further since that's the case.  However, I am going to change my photo up this week, in the hopes that this is the picture that brings Kentucky down...  :P  Still sticking with my belief that their weak schedule is going to catch up with them.  This tbt ("Throwback Thursday") picture received over 60 'likes' on facebook (don't ask me why)...  High school graduation, a long, long time ago...

Coach's NCAA '15 Picks (Overall 12-12)

Duke 70  Michigan State 64 - Duke (-5.5)/Under 138
I believe that Duke is going to win this game, but it was hard for me to pinpoint a score.  That's why I'm pretty much right on the edge of the spread and the total.  Looking back at the original bracket, I told several people that I thought the winner of the Virginia/Michigan State game could very likely win the East Region.  Having believed all along the Gonzaga was overrated with a weak schedule, I liked Duke a lot in the South.  Two great coaches, two great programs, should be one great game.  I actually hope that I'm wrong about my Duke pick, because I have the Spartans at 40 to 1 to win the title...  ;)

Wisconsin 68  Kentucky 62 - Wisconsin (+5.5)/Under 131.5
Still gonna hear the same song from me.  Kentucky played Arkansas in the SEC Tourney title game, a team that was ranked 21st in the nation.  That means the next best representative from the SEC was only 21st in the nation - what does that say for the rest of their conference?  You saw what happened last weekend when they FINALLY had to play a team that was Top 10-ish.  Now the Wildcats get a legitimate Top 5 team, then either Duike or the team that would beat Duke (the Spartans) - I don't think that Kentucky is going to win it all, and I'm sticking to it...

And now for the guy who wants Kentucky to win, live from the Palace Station Sportsbook & Casino in Las Vegas, here's Joey...

Scores for the Final Four.  It's been busy at Palace Station, so here's my scores for today...

Joey's NCAA '15 Picks (Overall 9-15)

Duke 67  Michigan State 65 - Michigan State (+5.5)/Under 138

Kentucky 78  Wisconsin 62 - Kentucky (-5)/Over 131.5

So I have Kentucky and Duke on Monday night.  Good luck and may all your parlay cards cash!

And that's all folks.  Enjoy your basketball today and we'll be back with our picks for Monday night!


  1. Congrats on nailing today's games. With my limited knowledge, I had an inkling Kentucky was going to go down.

    Will be interested to see your pick for Monday night. I'm kind of thinking bettors should just stay away from it, at least as to who wins. I can see Wisconsin riding the momentum...but I can also see them having a big let down. Duke has a terrific coach of course. In a big game, hard to go against Coach K.

  2. Thanks Rob - the margin of the Duke game actually surprised me more than the Kentucky loss. Duke had a couple extra hours of rest, and the Badgers had the tougher game. We'll see what I do that... :)