Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Night Hoops

Good afternoon everyone.  Although football will easily bring the most views here, I will start "promoting" this new little blog of mine soon.  For the few who have managed to find this page on their own already though, I'm back to provide you with some more questionable picks tonight.  After all, I have the 'Sweet Sixteen' to get ready for.  My friend Joey and myself will be providing you with some NCAA basketball predictions very soon.  I should get my stellar record up to now updated over the weekend.  Here are my picks for tonight...

Last Session (2-1) - Overall Record (6-17)

Texas Tech/Baylor (Over 121) - W
Belmont/Eastern Kentucky (Under 143) - W
Cavaliers/Hawks (Over 204) - L
Warriors (-10.5) vs. Mavericks - W

Again, purely for entertainment here.  Enjoy at your own risk, and I'll see you tomorrow...

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