Saturday, March 28, 2015

Elite 8 Picks (2015)

Good afternoon everyone.  This is coming to you a little bit later than I had anticipated, but it has predictions for the whole weekend as opposed to just today (which I wasn't counting on).  I turned in a 7-9 record for the last 2 days, while Joey came in at 5-11.  My shining moments were picking Arizona to beat Xavier 70-65 (Final 68-60 Arizona) and predicting Michigan State to down Oklahoma 61-57 (Final 62-58).  Four of Joey's five wins were on totals (overs/unders) in the Arizona, Gonzaga, Michigan State, and Duke games.  Now onto our picks for the 'Elite Eight' round...

Coach's NCAA '15 Picks (Overall 7-9)

Arizona 68  Wisconsin 62 - Arizona (-1)/Under 131.5
This should be an excellent matchup.  I'm not surprised to see these teams meet here as I put money on both to win the whole tourney (at 8 to 1) before it began.  The fact that the game is in Los Angeles has me leaning toward the Wildcats.

Notre Dame 65  Kentucky 60 - Notre Dame (+11)/Under 137
I've been waiting for this round to begin since the brackets came out, as it looks like this is Kentucky's first real chance for a loss.  I still think Kentucky had a favorable schedule, but I don't think they're going to be thinking of West Virginia when they face an Irish team that beat both Duke and North Carolina at the ACC Tourney in Greensboro.  I really like the Irish getting the eleven points.  I have the Irish at 9 to 1 to win this region - GO IRISH!  ;)

Michigan State 58  Louisvile 49 - Michigan State (-2.5)/Under 128.5
"Wow, it seems like Coach likes the unders again in this round..."  Yep, I do.  Not sure if the game will be quite this low-scoring, but I like the Spartans with a lower score than 128.5 here...

Duke 71  Gonzaga 63 - Duke (-2.5)/Under 144.5
What I said about Kentucky, well, the same for Gonzaga.  Weaker pre-tourney schedule, favorable first three games, but you better lace 'em up now boys...  I think that Duke brings too much to the table here...

And now for a somewhat differing view of this weekend's action, live from the Palace Station Sportsbook & Casino, here's Joey...

It has been a fun week betting wise.  College basketball can be frustrating like Georgetown scoring for no reason with one second left to push the total over, or like Friday night can be fun when Duke is called out of the locker room and hits a free throw to cover the spread.  Either way it's what makes betting on college basketball fun...

Joey's NCAA '15 Picks (Overall 5-11)

Arizona 77  Wisconsin 65 - Arizona (-1)/Over 131.5
Kentucky 73  Notre Dame 55 - Kentucky (-11)/Under 137
Michigan State 63  Louisville 59 - Michigan State (-2.5)/Under 128.5
Gonzaga 54  Duke 47 - Gonzaga (+2.5)/Under 144.5

The games may not be exciting this weekend, but when money's involved, it's one of the greatest times of the year.  When you bet, come see me at Palace Station in Las Vegas.  Good luck and may all your tickets cash!

And there you have it.  I think that watching Kentucky and Gonzaga lose will be exciting, but we shall see...  :)  Have a great basketball weekend and we'll see you soon!


  1. For being a good and experienced team, Wisconsin sure doesn't get any love.

    1. The Badgers are a horse race with Arizona, just like they were with North Carolina...